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381 Days 01:58
“My feets is weary, but my soul is rested.” The rule of segregation where the will is tested. In 1955, those brave people did defy. The laws where white interests are vested. 13 months of walking, 13 months of cold and rain, 13 months of baking sun, 13 months pain, Rosa Parks refused, she said “I’m not gonna move” And then 40, 000 people said: “We will not ride your bus” She was respected her belief was well-rooted. But with differing opinions the course was mooted. and here they did unite, went to fight the good fight, Montgomery’s resolve was undisputed. It’s just a drop in the ocean, but for three hundred and eighty one days. The bus boycott continued and the civil rights issue was raised.
Jesse Runs 02:13
Way down South, Oakville Alabama, in the segregated days of 1913. Little Jesse Owens, the 7th of 11 children, born into an impoverished family. When they moved up north in the great migration, to look for work and a better fate. He discovered he could run, faster than anyone so they snapped him up at Ohio State. And when he started breaking records he began to get noticed and they got him involved in the national team But when he travelled with the team he had to eat alone because back then that’s what happened if you were a black athlete So in 1936 they sent him to Berlin, to take part in Hitler’s games The Aryan’s were meant to win, but Jesse took gold in everything and Hitler wouldn’t give him the time of day. But he said Hitler didn't snub me – it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram. It was the dark face of sport in the years between the wars when America wouldn’t acknowledge the success of a black man.
Wounded Knee 02:12
Oh say can you see, the dead from wounded knee? Warriors and squaws, they aint laughing no more. Some would call it revenge for Custer, but you can call it what you want. The brave US cavalry marches on. You picked a fight with America You picked a fight with the US army What did you expect? We had no choice left. You wounded our pride when you won. Empty and bleak the dead at sand creek. They shouldn’t have fought, at Little Bighorn. We will take your dog soldiers and teach you some respect. You beat us so what else did you expect? These brave men and the Hotchkiss guns that the Indians thought were toys, Together with the fighting 7th what's left of Custer's boys, Sent those Indians to heaven which the ghost dancer enjoys. This checked the Indian noise, and we returned to Illinois
Che 02:33
Born in Argentina, to De La Serna, the blood of Irish rebels flowed in his veins Mother and father, brothers and sisters, he learned socialism from an early age. Che Guevara Por La Manana la revolución es casi la hora From Guatemala, to Havana, the streets echo with the name of Che. He was a warrior, and a teacher, he built schools whilst he defended the bay. How much meat, one man can eat or how much time spent on the beach? If he can’t afford, goods from abroad then what does it matter if he feels complete?
Yukon Ho! 01:42
1896 and there’s gold in the sticks, In the forest and the hills of the Yukon. If you get there quick then you can take first pick of the land that belongs to the Han. Northward bound for the Klondike gold rush, We don’t have a care for those who live there. cos there’s gold in them there hills for the white folk’s thrills And so the Indians will have to move elsewhere. Not many fortunes were made, not many got paid But the stampede surely left its mark. For those in Dawson’s city, it isn’t such a pity To push the native Han into the dark. What’s there now, just a pitiful town and the ghosts of the tribe that you killed. With new diseases brought by Europeans, their cries still echo round the hills.


5 new songs all about history in the Americas! This is now available on 7" and includes immediate download! As well as badges whilst stocks last!


released December 9, 2013

Recorded by Chris Hamilton from Eek! Recordings -

Big thanks to Pete Vernon for help with the artwork.


all rights reserved


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